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About Our Team

Our leadership team is committed to your outcomes.


Erik Ballinger

Managing Partner
Erik has been a naval aviator, flown for major airlines and served in management positions in the defense and aerospace industries. He met Josh Millsapps while getting his MBA at the George Washington University.

  • Management & Operations 50%
  • Clients & Contracts 25%
  • Looking Forward 25%

Joshua Millsapps

Senior Partner
Josh has spent more than 20 years working in management and technology consulting. He leads the development of MB&A’s ExAM product line available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Delivering Outcomes 50%
  • Building the next version of ExAM 40%
  • Looking Forward 20%

Charu Ragunath

Salesforce Practice Director
With more than 10 years of experience developing complex projects that touch everything from Facebook to Salesforce Charu provides real thought leadership that drives customer outcomes.

  • Implementation of Salesforce Solutions 60%
  • Mentoring & Learning 20%
  • Product Development 20%

Matt Crockett

Customer Success Manager
Matt spends most of his time helping customers maximize their investment in ExAM and Salesforce. He spends his spare time training in and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • Agilizing things 25%
  • Fixing things that are broken 20%
  • Finding ROI for customers 55%

Kelly Cole

Customer Support
Supporting everything from projects to products Kelly make sure we live up to our brand promises. Outcomes and energy define Kelly. Watch out it’s time to get things done.

  • Finding out what makes customers successful 40%
  • Making customers successful 40%
  • Listening instead of talking 20%

Ken Lynch

Salesforce Architect
Ken helps us build truly innovative solutions that meet HIPAA compliance requirements, customer user experience needs and that are informed by Salesforce best practice. He spends his spare time adding to his more than a dozen Salesforce certifications.

  • Passing Salesforce Certification Exams 10%
  • Architecting customer centric solutions 40%
  • Architecting Successful Salesforce Outcomes 50%

On Time. On Budget.

We know where you want to be and we know how to get there. Our team has the collective experience you can depend on to transform your organization. The bottom line is that we know how to deliver results.

Innovative Ideas

We aren’t your every day consulting company. We help your team innovate and transform. From building applications to critical implementations. Changing someones business starts from understanding it both now and where it needs to be tomorrow, next month and next year. We know how to get you to value.

Cloud Anybody?

Our team knows the Cloud. As a Salesforce ISV partner we can help change the way you do business in real time. Start thinking about how different you can be starting tomorrow.

Clear Communication

Delivering outcomes starts with listening better so we can deliver value earlier. With some coffee, a whiteboard and a commitment to working together we can help you be successful. We listen so we can deliver what you really want.

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MB&A continues to work closely with the Veterans Health Administration to provide the Extensible Assessment Manager (ExAM) for VHA facilities. Installations now include Philadelphia, Puget Sound and additional licenses in Orlando. ExAM continues to provide the best...

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