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Cloud Transformation Services

The days of the infrastructure CIO are gone forever. Today’s CIO holds the keys to delivering informational value and technology as a differentiator to the entire organization. As budgets tighten the CIO is also faced with tough choices regarding outsourcing, cloud computing, managed services and a bewildering array of services that are hybrids of now familiar models like software as a service. These choices can equate to enormous opportunity if they provide value to the whole organization, but they often do not come without risks or tradeoffs. Security, privacy, data integrity and access are real issues in this more complex information driven age. MB&A believes it is perfectly suited to assist the CIO in developing IT portfolios that meet the organization’s mission. We can help optimize the portfolio for security, cost and other customer centric critical factors that place difficult demands on the CIO. From research to hands on evaluations of technology CIOs need advice that goes beyond vendor white papers and generic evaluations. They need advice and data specific to their organizations in order to ensure that the “best technology” or latest “standard” is what’s best for their organization. Is cloud based messaging “best” for your organization? What are the implications from a legal aspect, FOIA, security, privacy, and data integrity stand point? MB&A has the critical expertise that will help the CIO Office support actionable information requests from the CIO, develop complex analysis to improve organizational performance and identify trends that can be leveraged on behalf of your organization.