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Enterprise Architecture

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EA helps the VA marry the mission to technology.

MB&A principals and employees have spent the last several years serving some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. The Federal government faces unique challenges on several fronts. The operating environment is inherently complex due to complex governance, an ever changing political landscape, and the implications of tightening budgets. Now more than ever Federal organizations need their planning capabilities to enable them to respond to change in an agile manner without losing sight of the comprehensive requirements for procurement and governance that can stifle innovation and performance improvement. Enterprise Architecture must do more than provide upward reporting and compliance requirements. Federal Enterprise Architectures must provide insightful reporting that enables executive decision making, ties together disparate planning disciplines and serves the business by enabling positive business transformation. By facilitating line of sight from strategy, through implementation and management, EA ensures that all layers of Federal management, program staff and employees are empowered to deliver better results to all stakeholders.

MB&A can help your organization deliver an operational enterprise architecture capability to your agency. It is our belief that EA needs to start delivering results early and deliver measurable business value at each stage of its maturity. EA should not be misconstrued to be an endless search for organizational knowledge based on formulaic methodologies that result in a comprehensive set of “artifacts” and “deliverables” that promptly sit on management shelves or decorate the walls of the ivory tower. This should not be construed to mean that approaches and techniques that represent best practices like TOGAF and FEAF don’t provide value. It is simply a statement that methodologies themselves provide no value without a sharp focus on the actual mission and business drivers of the organization.

Do you want your organization to have an EA that works within all of your business processes? Do you prefer an EA that re-uses the sources of organizational data that are already in place rather requiring an army of architects to maintain multiple databases? MB&A believes in linking together existing sources of organizational data including operational systems and existing business processes before re-inventing the information required to transform your organization.

Our Goal is to develop self-sustaining informational flows in order to ensure that the majority of resources devoted to EA can be focused on business transformation.