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IT Capital Planning & Portfolio Management

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The Forest Service uses an integrated approach to Capital Planning and Portfolio Management

As budgets tighten and more emphasis is placed on operational efficiency, planning and managing capital projects well becomes more important than ever. Through our experience in the Federal and private sectors, MB&A has developed a thorough understanding on the range of opportunities, requirements, and constraints facing organizations as they pursue their strategic goals. MB&A seeks to go above and beyond simple reporting requirements to develop processes that enable real business transformation and mission achievement.

MB&A consolidates relevant information into comprehensive anthologies for investment team members, and uses the core Federal business case as a reference for aligning investments to mission and strategic goals. MB&A believes that this can be of real value only if it is pursued across the organization using a standard approach. We work with our clients to tailor existing resources to ensure that templates and training are available to enable this process. Documentation should be concise and useful, in contrast with the hundreds of pages of raw reference material that may otherwise be distributed in hopes of developing a standard approach. These critical steps are enable teams to focus on the critical issues facing the organization, rather than expending their effort simply attempting to understand reporting requirements.MB&Aalso employs Earned Value Management processes catered to the complexities and challenges facing particular investments,as part of a mature capital planning process.

Additionally, MB&A believes it is integral for organizations to link these planning efforts with their enterprise architectures in order to ensure that their investments support efficient and effective business processes. These two disciplines are ultimately intertwined, and treating them that way ensures a clear line of sight between activities or structure and organizational goals, and allows for processes to be appropriately reengineered to support truly optimized organizations.