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Advisory Services

Millsapps, Ballinger, & Associates (MB&A) understands the challenges that today’s businesses face in integrating information and technology to meet the evolving organizational needs. MB&A advisory services can help you understand how technology could and should be supporting your business as well as help you develop plans to acquire, implement, and manage those technologies and services.

Today our clients are faced with a complex array of ever-changing governance, external, and internal forces all while coping with reduced resources and increasing standards for performance. This environment puts a premium on organizational agility and ensuring that resources are utilized in a way that enables the achievement of organizational goals and objectives both today and tomorrow.

The MB&A approach ensures that our clients get the most value from our engagements because our approach ensures that we fully understand the organization’s pain points prior to the engagement and by carefully managing our consulting engagements in a manner that allows the client to capture value at multiple points in the advisory process.