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Creative Information Technology (CITI) is forward-thinking information technology company focusing primarily on Federal government solutions. CITI provides its clients with real-world solutions that integrate long-term functionality and capability. With quality solutions and services provided primarily to the Federal government, CITI has grown into a diversely talented and motivated IT enterprise with nearly 350 employees and annual revenue approaching $70 million. CITI is a right-sized company – large enough to have vast resources to meet its customer’s needs, yet small enough to be agile and creative.

CITI is MB&A’s mentor company, providing guidance, administrative assistance, and infrastructure support as we work through our formative time. In particular, CEO Sunil Kolhekar and Director of Business Deveolopment Vernon Inniss have been instrumental in helping get our operation off to a great start. The CITI and MB&A team collaborate on several efforts, and we look forward to a prosperous relationship moving forward.