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Extensible Assessment Manager (ExAM)


Assess Anything

ExAM’s Assess Anything technology helps you do everything from enabling customer feedback to supporting and and automating compliance.

Key Elements

Built on the Salesforce platform to deliver exceptional performance. Trust is at the heart of every cloud solution and Salesforce has been trusted for years to deliver rock solid reliability and exceptional performance.

Target Audience

One tool with three big use cases (Inspections, Survey, Forms). Our inspections edition, handles complex inspections processes like HUD’s UPCS-V and our surveys engine has supported the customer engagement needs of another organization to the tune of more than 3 million surveys and inquiries.


Deliver a power full and flexible suite of tools that help organizations deal with an increasingly complex world. Understand more and turn the data you collect into actionable information. ExAM helps you collect data efficiently and effectively.

Assess Anything

Lets you focus and relate your assessments, inspections or surveys on any standard or custom object in your Salesforce org. Make rapid better decisions by tying targeted assessments to critical records within your organizations. For example gathering customer feedback against Products, gathering data from a lead on an ExAM powered landing page (Sites), or identifying an inspection deficiency against a building or room.

All The Right Things

From the power of the Salesforce platform to deliver performance and critical capabilities like workflows, approvals, reporting and dashboards out of the box to ExAM’s powerful assessment modules and reporting modules we have the features that count. From sending surveys via SMS to helping develop complex branching logic to simplify the user experience for complex inspections performed in the field our experts can help.

Decision Trees

Our decision trees enable complex surveys, inspections and assessments to be developed that include complex branching and skip logic. Not only do we enable you to build but we have developed the type of visualization tools you need to support the truly complex. We have clients with more than 1,000s questions of questions and complex interwoven branching and we handle it with grace. Need to explain the complexity of your inspection or customer engagement tool to management. Grab a plotter and our Decision Tree Visualization tool.

Field Mapping

Map the answers to the questions you ask back to specific fields within any standard or custom object. This can be anything from a survey questions updating field values against a lead to web to case forms. We can even map scores, responses and key assessment metadata back to a assessable object record to ease reporting,

Distribution Center

Whether you want to create one url that spawns a new inspection or form every time it is clicked to generating hundreds of thousands of assessments or inspection requests at the click of a button we can help you collect your data better.

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