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Product Features

Understand more

ExAM provides real time insight and awareness. Know more and act faster. It work where you need it and on all your devices.

Meet the Assignment Manager

The Assignment Manager helps you gets you answers fast by helping you get tasks out to your team, organization or extended stakeholder community. Quickly, efficiently and easily.  Need to audit a certain percentage of your inspections or assessments? We have tools for that.

Work smarter, More Connected

ExAM helps you stay connected to the rest of your team, your organization and your extended stakeholder community.

Assess Anything

Assess anything and manage everything. Create your own forms, scoring systems and workflows.

Key Elements

Built on Salesforce1 you know it will be ready to work anytime and anywhere you need to be.

Target Audience

In charge of managing inspections? Policy compliance? Do you manage a portfolio of investments or applications? We can help you support the process end to end with ExAM.


Drive real time reaction to information. Workflows, approvals and notification keep everyone in the loop.

Build Assessments (Forms, Inspections, Compliance)

ExAM makes it easy to get the information you need to do your business. From the Assessment Development Wizard that helps you build simple or complex assessments fast to Assignment Manager helping you manage information across the organization to automate compliance, measure performance or just get information together fast.

All The Right Things

ExAM provides an agile decision support environment built for the social enterprise. It helps handle your data calls, re-platform expensive legacy apps in the cloud, and create truly integrated decision support and performance management environments. Built on the most successful cloud platform in the world (Force.com) it is secure, scalable, and inherently mobile.

Re-platform low to medium complexity apps to reduce costs

Budgets are really tight right now and everybody is looking for ways to save. Your application portfolio is probably carrying some costs you don’t even realize. There is a chance that you could save big by transitioning to ExAM to support automated compliance, assessment, forms, inspections and field services.

Create integrated decision support environments

ExAM can help your organization support the really big decisions. The ones that require gathering, managing and assessing information from across organizations, people and systems, in a repeatable, tweakable fashion.

Responding to data calls with ExAM and the Force.com platform

Handle data calls across a broad array of capability areas including IT portfolio management, facilities management, security, capital planning, strategic planning, inventory management, etc.

The Art of Getting from A-Z...Assignments

Our Assessment Groups and Assignment Event Manager make it easy to group people, places and things that you need to assess regularly. From inspecting buildings to giving actual examinations ExAM supports and scales to meet your requirements. Need to provide assessments in the field? Security assessments, field inspections, fitness tests, maintenance tests and more.

ExAM Viewers

ExAM Viewers help you collect information and they can be configured and tailored in order to meet a broad set of use cases. Need to provide assessments in the field? Security assessments, field inspections, fitness tests, maintenance tests and more can be done in fewer keystrokes with ExAM. Want efficient forms that support modern workflows?

Stop worrying. Start Executing

Tell us a bit about what ExAM might be able to do for you. We will be in touch soon. Thanks!