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ExAM: Assess Anything

Assess anything, anywhere on any device. Automate compliance, enhance inspections and ease assessments. Make your life better with enterprise class tools.

One Stop Shop

ExAM supports your business process from getting the information in to supporting workflows, analysis, collaboration and insight into execution every step of the way.


Change Directions. Agile and Extensible.

We designed ExAM to be flexible and extensible so that we could make your life easier today and tomorrow. Built ahead of the curve, we work every day to stay there.

Mobile. Reliable. Scalable

Built on top of the Salesforce1 platform ExAM is secure, mobile by design and incredibly scalable. Get new features three times a year and always be on our latest release.


ExAM has customers both large and small, but we are committed to helping all get the most out of their ExAM implementation. Work with a representative to get ExAM working for you today.


What’s the most impressive thing about ExAM?

“ExAM is one of those tools that just works. It has been well engineered and it shows.”

Andi Giri

CEO, Softsquare

“We built ExAM to get answers. We wanted to help people faster. ExAM gets you rapidly from information to decision to execution.”

Josh Millsapps

Senior Partner, MB&A

“We aim to surpass all expectations in quality and customer service. At the end of the day whether its  a simple inspections or  a complex assessment it just has to work.”

Erik Ballinger

Managing Partner, MB&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

ExAM is built on top of the Salesforce infrastructure. Salesforce houses data for every cabinet level agency, every state, and almost every Fortune 500 company. FedRamp is a part of their vocabulary and ours. Salesforce houses sensitive data everyday including medical data, student data and other sensitive information.

Our reputation depends on securely handling this information. Salesforce believes in complete transparency regarding security and stability and extensive information is available at trust.salesforce.com on the status of Salesforce datacenters and pods in real time. Learn more about the Salesforce infrastructure at trust.salesforce.com.

Whose data is it?

Your data is your data. You can export it at any time, schedule backups otherwise take action to ensure that you are able to access and otherwise interact with your data at all times.

I understand how much I pay for users, but what other charges are their? What type of servers do I need?

There are no other charges. There are no hidden charges. There are no servers. You don’t get charged for maintenance and you still get at least four free upgrades every year. Your users charges are your total charges. That’s it forever.

Will I lose 10 years of inspection data?

The Data Management Wizard, Data Loader application and robust APIs ensure that changing your application doesn’t mean losing your historical data.

Will my users be able to use it?

ExAM is built on the Salesforce platform—the most widely used app platform in the world. With more than 120,000 enterprise class customers including some of the world’s largest organizations. Our user interface is one of the easiest and most tested in the world. We know that simple means usable and we don’t expect our users to be technology experts. Our app is focused on making your job easier and it starts with a simple and straightforward user interface that is focused on just one thing—getting the job done.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.