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MB&A has been actively engaged in the full range of USDA’s Enterprise Architecture modernization efforts, from its developing its repository-based EA application to supporting strategic planning initiatives like the USDA Enterprise Transition Plan. In addition to departmental initiatives related to Enterprise Architecture policy,this included training programs and regular brown bags on current topics. MB&A’s efforts serviced a wide range of stakeholders, from architects to application developers, from project managers to executive leaders.

The end result includes updated and integrated EA systems and intelligence features, interface support for a diverse collection of user types, and support for enterprise and capital planning activities through leveraging new and existing technologies.

MB&A supports the full range of development requirements of the USDA EAR web application & software is also responsible for ensuring the implementation of approved design recommendations in the development environment, testing, and production environments the changes made as well as migrating the tested and accepted changes to production. The ultimate goal of this effort is to ensure that the right information will be in the right hands, at the right time, to make the right decision. MB&A also has provided data architecture leadership and support under the contract and participates in the USDA Data Architecture Subcommittee to maximize the value and usability of information across the enterprise.