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Using our Adaptive Repository-based data collection toolkit, MB&A facilitated a data collection effort and post-collection analysis of the security posture and physical security architecture of DOI.

MB&A leveraged its FedBluePrint solution to meet DOI’s diverse security planning requirements and provide the capability for addressing the physical assessment requirements for Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (OHSES), and tailored it to OHSES’ specific requirements, whose mission is to provide for a coordinated and comprehensive federal response to terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and other large-scale emergencies in Indian Country, for the protection of its citizens, lands, critical infrastructure, and other key resources.

FedBlueprint enables this mission by supporting the collection of data from across Indian Country regarding the security posture of educational facilities, as well as by providing dashboards and reporting features to inform decisions regarding security programs and the overall security posture of these facilities.