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MB&A has assisted the Forest Service’s Governance office in meeting its requirements and responsibilities in support of CIO Reorganization and IR Governance project efforts. We provided business, technical and analytical services, including investment and budget analytical support to FS personnel, and we continue to facilitate the communication, data gathering and processing, and document preparation necessary for the entire CPIC cycle.

MB&A provided analytical support to IR Governance processes, including IR investment input data availability, data sources, and data streams to identify data shortfalls and inconsistencies. We facilitated the use of FS and USDA CPIC software tools by agency application development, CIO, and e-Gov projects. We provided these services in order to analyze and recommend modifications to OMB Exhibit 300 business cases as required by the FS, and analyzed and recommended modifications to supporting business case products (e.g., risk assessments and security plans) as required by USDA and FS CPIC policies.

MB&A’s other work with the Forest Service focused on supporting the agency’s Earned Value Management System (EVMS) and Investment Business Review Board (IBR) methodologies. This included both documenting and improving upon the existing processes, and developing implementation plans to see them through.