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Title: Creating a nation of safer schools
Date: Friday, October 25, 2013
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
This webinar will cover my take on what is required to create safer schools in our nation. Over the past several years I have been involved in the safety and security assessment of more than 200 schools in 23 states. Over the course of this time I have become convinced that as a country we are generally missing the opportunity to make data driven decisions about safety and security despite the rise in the use of information to support all most every other aspect of our nation’s education and measure academic performance.

This lack of information persists despite the widely held belief that safer schools are higher performing schools. In the course of my experience over the last several years I have developed a bank of more than 500 questions covering safety and security as it pertains to schools and other facilities. These have been vetted by a diverse set of security experts and informed by best practice, research and concepts like Crime Prevention through Environmental Design or (CPTED).

Our questions cover everything from the general to the very school specific Administrative, Access Control, Lighting, Construction and Renovation, Site Stakeholders, Life and Safety, Power, Emergency Plans, Mail Handling, Parking, Fencing, Standoff, Roadway Control, Visitor Control, Inspection Policies and Procedures, Security Background Checks, Law Enforcement, Facility Security, Locks, Gymnasiums, and Cafeterias

For schools this doesn’t just have to be about security and once in place the assessment capability can be used to support facilities inspections on mobile devices, accident reporting, attendance, or other areas where schools need to regularly handle data in a consistent manner in order to drive repeatable processes and decision making.

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