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Webinar: ExAMRV and Remote Video Inspections ExAMRV (Remote Video Inspections) reduce the need for travel and enable rapid transitions between inspections as well as sharing of expert resources. In today's Covid world they also make them more possible, for more people.

Our remote video conferencing, inspection, compliance, and assessment app, ExAMRV has revolutionized the way inspections and assessments are performed. By reducing the need for travel, enabling rapid transitions between inspections, and leveraging subject matter expertise across geographically dispersed assessment sites, it has the potential to significantly reduce the costs associated with compliance and enhance productivity. In more detail, the ExAMRV app enables subject matter experts and inspectors to guide home owners, or personnel, through an inspection while they identify deficiencies, capture images from video, and score the inspection from a safe and remote location.
2/4/20211:00pm EST1 hour