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Salesforce for Inspections - Drive Productivity & Maintain Compliance Webinar

Webinar: How Salesforce Maps and ExAM4Inspections can help the Federal Government to Increase Savings and Productivity by 40%

Join us on August 20th at 2PM ET, to learn how ExAM4Inspections and Salesforce Maps are using location intelligence to increase savings and productivity by over 40% in inspections and audits that are used across the Federal Government.

In this 1-hour webinar, featuring ExAM4Inspections’ Strategic Sales Executive, Bradley Hilker, you will learn how ExAM (Salesforce AppExchange) helps to drive value – in protocol development, data collection, and analysis – on the Salesforce Platform. Specifically, you will come away with an understanding of how inspection capabilities, combined with location intelligence, can maximize your program’s efficiency, visibility, productivity, and compliance.

Over the past 7 years, ExAM4Inspections has worked with staff at a number of federal agencies – from infection prevention at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ hospitals, and labs in the Department of Agriculture, to public housing at HUD. In each case, ExAM has helped our customers to re-imagine and transform their inspection and audit programs.

Our valuable partnership with Salesforce Maps is now helping our customers to understand the information they gather through a geospatial lens – such as supporting automated scheduling based on geographical location and surfacing insights based on geography. Because these capabilities are both powered by the Salesforce platform, it makes it easy to scale from a pilot to the enterprise. It also enables government programs to leverage these advanced technical capabilities while taking comfort in the fact that security and trust is at the forefront of every decision we make. We hope this webinar will help you to understand just how powerful a people-centric inspection capability can be. After all, that’s why we built ExAM4Inspections on the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Customer Management (CRM) platform.

So please join us on August 20th at 2PM ET, click here for more information.

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May 21st, 2024

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