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ExAM Platform

ExAM Platform: ExAM stands for Extensible Assessment Manager which leverages MB&A’s “Assess Anything” technology to extract the most out of data collections and to simplify business processes across a wide variety of use cases in government and industry.

The ExAM platform provides a foundation for our powerful features and capabilities across a number of specific use cases leveraging our suite of enterprise grade products.

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ExAM4Enterprise unlocks access to the entire suite of ExAM platform products to provide solutions to meet your data and process management needs through inspections, assessments, work management, assets and inventory management, learning management and more. ExAM4Enterprise includes our packaged services creating specific solutions to ensure your organization arrives at a desired outcome even with the most complex data collection challenges.

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ExAM4Inspection provides a foundation to build and accelerate the inspection, audit, assessment, and compliance business use cases to help organizations perform inspections, assessments and complex surveys. Users can move their inspections, data collections, surveys and compliance process into the field and onto mobile devices even without internet access.

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ExAM Assets makes it easy to keep track of the materials and inventory you need to support the work order management and field services use cases you have in the field today. Our simple but powerful approach to managing inventory lets you start simple, but can be scaled in order to provide comprehensive coverage of inventory transactions and locations.

ExAm Tracker is a work management tool that helps companies connect and evaluate key company metrics for use cases such as work prioritization, time management, and portfolio management. ExAM Tracker helps you create portfolios from Salesforce records, track resource utilization and metrics against those records and support analytics against those records.

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ExAM RV provides companies to the ability to perform inspections remotely and over videoconference. Connect inspectors, subject matter experts and auditors with stakeholders in remote locations to ensure quality and compliance without the need for travel or in-person inspection processes.

ExAM Achieve leverages the ExAM managed package to provide a learning management toolset. ExAM Achieve’s certification & training helps ExAM customers deliver successful programs by helping organizations rapidly put together certification and training programs.

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Custom Applications

We know what you want…apps for your internal customers that feel just like the ones built for your external customers. We can deliver professional, enterprise, quality applications that meet your specific business needs.

Custom Products

Long on ideas but need help in the technology department? We can help you move existing products and/or ideas into the Salesforce space, help bring new products to market and get those products accessible via native iOS and Android apps.

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