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Beyond COVID-19: How Remote Video Inspections will revolutionize an Entire Industry

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The world is a much safer place because a dedicated group of people – spanning organizations and entire industries – have figured out how to inspect things to ensure their quality and performance. In fact, some of the earliest recorded inspections date back to ancient Egypt. You could say that today’s inspection standards and analyses are backed by thousands of years of history enabling us to arrive at today’s modern methods including the of statistical data that enable us to extrapolate from individual inspections to characteristics of larger portfolios.

Of course, for years inspections have been done on-site. The advantage of being on-site is that you have easy access to everything you are inspecting and a clear line of inquiry. Unfortunately, it has been challenging (at best) to carry out in-person inspections across dozens of industries this past year. As I predicted back in November, remote video inspection (RVI) has not only seen a major uptick, it is here to stay.

And there is good reason for this that extends far beyond safety concerns in the wake of the pandemic. In a word, inspections are a cost center. It costs more to create or operate something and then not inspect it than it does to just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Inspections can also be dangerous and time-consuming to perform in-person.

Remote video inspections can address these concerns by taking the personout of the equation:

  1. Cost Reductions. Travel costs are a significant component of many inspection programs. Through RVIs, experts can stay in one location, avoid travel costs, and coordinate with in-place personnel to walk the inspection. Removing travel time also means that more inspections can be performed on any given day.
  2. Enhanced Safety. In-person inspections can be dangerous. Whether it’s potential exposure to COVID-19, radiation, or another hazard, RVIs enable subject matter experts and inspectors to safely perform their duties through a proxy or a remote vehicle.
  3. Improved Training. By enabling trainers to walk alongside an inspector and provide them with quality assurance and feedback, remote video training can significantly increase your organization’s capacity and enhance your standards.

To be clear, RVI isn’t new. It just hasn’t been done well. In fact, we’ve talked to many organizations that have attempted to use Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts to conduct virtual inspections and, not surprisingly, most of them struggled. To be fair, the user experience of these apps is tailored to busy professionals who are seated at a desk.

ExAMRV addresses this overwhelming need precisely because it was designed as a native app from the ground up – not to simply facilitate video collaboration but rather to offer a seamless inspection experience. The features below address the key areas of RVIs that you should look for when evaluating solutions:

  • Location Information. ExAMRV enables the automatic transmission of location data to ensure inspectors are in the right location to perform the inspection.
  • Bring Your Own Video Conferencing capability to ExAMRV. Currently, we support Twilio video, and Zoom, Teams, and Cisco will soon follow.
  • Dedicated End-User App. Because ExAMRV offers end users a dedicated and easy-to-use mobile app, there is little training involved in supporting RVI-based inspections.
  • Dedicated RVI Inspection Interface. To enable inspectors to participate in video conferencing, take pictures, identify deficiencies, and collaborate with proxies, trainees, and stakeholders in real time, ExAMRV provides a dedicated collaboration tool in your ExAM/Salesforce environment.

The next 10 years will see an influx of remote video inspections, due in part to many years’ worth of modernization that were channeled into addressing the unique needs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. As organizations become increasingly comfortable identifying other use cases, their policies and processes will shift to integrate this technology for other business drivers.

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