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From Inspections Software to Asset Management: The Power of Listening to our Customers

Over the past 7 years, ExAM4inspections.com has helped organizations do a better job of maintaining the things that are important to their businesses, customers, and communities. By creating explicit capabilities for inspections during our early years in the data collection business, we were able to offer a specialty service and make a name for MB&A in key markets like Real Estate/Housing, Public Sector and Hospital/Health Care.

In those early days our inspection solution identified deficiencies and communicated with work order systems via API to complete the tasks. Our customers appreciated how our system and mobile apps enabled them to work offline and access information from anywhere. Along the way, they began asking us whether we could also handle their work orders.

Since this was a pretty reasonable (and common) request, we eventually developed a robust work order management system that enabled all parties to be updated on the status of a work order.

The information we provided our customers with was vital to their operations. Yet, most of the asset management software they used was either homegrown and hard to maintain, or commercially available and significantly more complex than they required. Time and again, we heard that systems were designed for asset management professionals, not for the people in their organizations. For most of our customers – who were evaluating everything from hospitals, real estate, laboratories, and schools to cranes – complexity led to poor data or no data.

After a years of implementing and integrating ExAM4Inspections.com with various systems, we finally decided to listen to our customers and built our own asset management capability to bridge the gap. Specifically, we developed an easy-to-use system that helps organizations better understand their assets and that can easily exchange data with their back-end systems, if need be.

This enables customers to leverage our work orders and ensure that the folks who show up to complete the job have what they need. By adding an assets and inventory management component and focusing on simplicity and extensibility, we enabled our customers to have a high-level overview of the availability of key items, their location, and to auto-generate “shopping lists” for field service staff.

Now our system is used to manage over 900 municipal buildings by DC’s Department of General Services.

The steady growth of our product line discussed above has been entirely customer-driven, and I think that’s why it’s been so successful. We didn’t set out to solve a hypothetical set of challenges. Rather, we worked with our customers to solve their everyday issues and, in doing so, we built a superior asset and inventory management solution.

In a nutshell, we help you to know:

  • Where your things are, so that you can use them to support your objectives.
  • How many things you have so that you never run out.
  • How much the things you manage cost, so that you can plan effectively.

To do this, we track…

  • The types of things you use to run your business.
  • The number of things you have (including individual items).
  • Where your money is going.

What’s next?

Towards the end of Q1 in 2021, we will roll out an Asset & Inventory Management release that will:

  • Enable you to scan QR codes right from your mobile device.
  • Integrate EZ Loads with our bulk loading utilities.
  • Visually depict complex parts and inventory.

MB&A is focused on delivering world-class products and services that help customers gather data, evaluate that data, and use it to support business processes in Salesforce. We love to help our customers make better decisions by identifying the thin layer of information that really makes a difference, and ensuring that data is available, of high quality, and ready for analysis and evaluation.

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