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Accelerate Grow Cohort

MB&A and ExAM4Inspections: Recent Grads of the Salesforce Accelerate Grow Program

Shameless self-promotion alert: A recent Salesforce article featured MB&A as one of their industry solutions (for inspections, audit, and compliance), and selected us for their Accelerate program.

Read the article here: https://bit.ly/3kvOMCB[Ma2]

Accelerate Grow Cohort 11

As the name implies, “Accelerate Grow” is an accelerator program for independent software vendors to align their services with Salesforce and grow with AppExchange. Throughout the 9-week program, we refined the way we present our services (i.e., inspections, audit, compliance, and data collection use cases) to Salesforce customers and how we resolve their unique challenges.

Quite simply, we learned how to explain our value and what we offer to the Salesforce teams we work with and our customers, i.e., enabling rapid protocol and form development, providing a fully offline-capable mobile experience, and helping support the automation of scheduling, notifications, document/report generation, and stakeholder engagement.

As an added bonus, we tapped into Salesforce’s depth and breadth of resources that apply to the industries that would benefit from our solution, particularly:

  • Healthcare: We support close to 50 hospitals with infection prevention, sterile processing, janitorial inspections, and general facilities inspections.
  • Public sector: We help clients like the Department of Housing and Urban Development with high-quality inspections, and the USDA with lab compliance and dairy inspections (in addition to a number of other federal, state, and local compliance and inspection initiatives).
  • Facilities management: We help diverse public and private sector organizations to manage their work orders, perform field services, support asset management, and enable metric-tracking, and portfolio management.

Ultimately, the program helped us to get in front of the people we want to partner with and leverage their networks, outreach initiatives, and deep expertise to focus on and tackle the challenges our customers face every day. Not only did we enjoy it and get a lot out of it, the accelerator will enable us to bring our solution to the customers we can best serve.

We were joined in the program by 18 companies, who each bring unique solutions to the Salesforce ecosystem. Are you interested in checking out what’s new and cool on the AppExchange? They built a page just for the graduates of the program, which you can check out here: https://sforce.co/3ztzuod