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Webinar: Maintaining Complex Facilities with the ExAM Product Suite

On Dec 2, 2021, at noon Eastern time, we will be holding a webinar to walk through how you can use the ExAM product suite to support truly enterprise facilities management services. So often, we spend time talking about individual products. However, something that has become apparent over time is the power in combining our products to deliver an end-to-end capability for customers. This webinar will discuss how critical components for delivering enterprise facilities management are facilitated by the ExAM suite of products, including the critical areas of concern listed below:

  • Capturing Issues and Feedback – One of the key aspects of managing facilities is fixing the things that get broken and addressing stakeholder concerns.
  • Assigning Work – Whether in response to a stakeholder issue, part of ongoing preventative maintenance, or the execution of ongoing operations, getting things done is job one.
  • Managing Work and Work Orders – Facilities management is complex and cuts across many areas of concern. Managing that work is complex and often cuts across different work types.
  • Working in the Field – Much of the work in facilities management happens on the go, and it needs to happen whether you are online or off.
  • Training and Workforce Development – One of the key gaps in many facilities management programs is developing the skills and capabilities of staff.
  • Managing Assets, Inventory, and Preventative Maintenance – understanding asset availability, quantities, location, and context (work orders, preventative maintenance, etc.).

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Capturing Stakeholder Issues and Feedback

Establishing data collection mechanisms and feedback loops is critical to successful facilities management to:

  • Report issues experienced and request work
  • Provide information via digital forms
  • Gather feedback and verify work performed.


Products and Features

  • ExAM Command Console – rapidly builds forms, surveys, and assessments to enable intelligent data collection, including decision trees and 35+ question types.
  • ExAM Distribution – send notifications to contacts, including forms to gather the information you need to start work.


Assigning Work

Enable dispatch to rapidly create and assign work to team members to enable rapid triaging or automatic assignment based on the characteristics of the request:

  • Use the Assignments page to review lists of Assignments based on configurable characteristics and rapidly assign work.
  • Work across different work types, including Assignments, Work Orders, Inspections, and Cases, to easily assign the right work to the right team member.
  • Manage time consistently across all work types for team members

Products and Features

  • ExAM Assignments manages different types of facilities assignments from a single page.
  • ExAM Tracker creates portfolios from Salesforce records, tracks resource utilization, and metrics against those records, and also supports analytics against them.
  • ExAM Scheduler helps you automatically assign work based on inspector certifications, location, and availability so that you can work efficiently.


Managing Work and Work Orders

ExAM enables facilities to create, manage, and execute work orders so that everyone understands what is being worked on, who is performing the work, and what assets and inventory are involved in the execution of the work:

  • Approve and assign work orders quickly and easily
  • Tie Assets and Inventory to work orders from the back office or the field.
  • Configure notifications and reminders so that work orders don’t slip through the cracks
  • Configure reports and dashboards to gain 360-degree visibility into work order status and completion.


Products and Features

  • ExAM Work Orders – ExAM Work Orders include the ExAM Work Order object and the ability to easily relate work orders to the Assets Inventory, as well as to facilitate the assignment.


Working in the Field

So much of facilities management happens in the field. Successful facilities management teams work as easily in the field as they do at the office. This means:

  • Work on the go and offline
  • Know where people and resources are at a given time
  • Gain acknowledgment of work performed in the field.


Products and Features

  • ExAM4Inspections iOS and Google Play mobile app – mobile apps that connect to your ExAM enabled Salesforce and take your field service and inspections into the field.
  • ExAMRVa mobile app for performing work remotely using video conferencing services.



Training and Workforce Development

Facilities management is complex and successful organizations can rapidly develop training materials and assess team member knowledge:

  • Rapidly develop training materials that show users how to perform work from existing materials like PowerPoint decks and YouTube videos
  • Create training Paths that enable team members to step through content, enabling them to learn how technology, processes, and facilities management equipment work together to support the mission.
  • Create training Tracks to link together paths and enable facilities staff to achieve a broader level of mastery in specific subject areas.
  • Assess facilities staff knowledge after training to understand what they know before they go into the field.


Products and Features

  • ExAMAchieve – develop training content and test team members on their understanding. Use the certifications they achieve to determine what work they can perform.



Managing Assets, Inventory, and Preventative Maintenance

Facilities teams need to be able to track the materials they require to support work order management and field services, including:

  • What – Know what you have in your inventory.
  • When – Asset transactions keep you in the loop when things happen.
  • Where – We make sure you know where your things are so that you can use them to support the mission.
  • Why – Understand assets in the context of Work Orders.
  • How many? – We make sure you know how many things you have so that you never run out.
  • How much? – We make sure you know how much the things you manage cost enabling you to plan effectively.


Products and Features

  • ExAM4AssetsOur approach to managing inventory lets you start simply but can be scaled to provide comprehensive coverage of inventory transactions and locations.

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