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CIO Review 10 Most Promising Salesforce Providers

We made it onto the list – CIOReview’s 10 Most Promising Salesforce Providers

The team at MB&A is proud to be capping off 2021 as one of CIOReview’s “top 10” most promising salesforce solution providers. Not only have we seen a 65% growth in our revenue, we have taken on new customers, solved a variety of challenges, and even managed to launch several exciting products:

  • ExAM4Inspections (Extension Package): Targeted at complex inspections, this Salesforce AppExchange extension package includes deficiency management, a dedicated inspection object, sampling, and inspection assignment features.
  • ExAMRV: Focused on safety and accessibility, our remote video Salesforce AppExchange Product, and associated mobile Android and iOS apps, enable you perform inspections via remote video.
  • ExAM Connect: Now you can send and receive ExAM data from inspections, audits, and compliance to form a bridge between Salesforce orgs, or migrate data into Salesforce from outside sources.
  • ExAM Tracker: Our productivity and time-keeping app enables you to oversee your team’s work [and assign tasks] – from inspections to cases. In addition to tracking time directly against Salesforce records, you can create cross-object views to streamline productivity.

Throughout the past year, these new products and features have resulted in rapid growth across several areas of our business, including:

  • Healthcare: Our portfolio now includes dozens of hospitals that are using ExAM to support inspections, audits, and compliance activities, including terminal room cleaning and patient discharge inspections; operating room and patient care area inspections; and common area and restroom inspections.
  • Property Inspections: The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s NSPIRE Standards (including inspections and sampling) is now part of our property inspection capabilities, which had already included UPCS, UPCS-V, NSPIRE-V, and HQS inspections.

To learn more about MB&A’s amazing year and to get a sneak peek into our plans for 2022, click here.

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