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ExAM Customer Trail Mix: Helping You to Leverage Salesforce & ExAM

Throughout the past 10 years, MB&A has been developing software for data collection, inspections, auditing, and compliance processes on Salesforce’s AppExchange. More often than not, our customers are unfamiliar with user management, account management, and reporting aspects of Salesforce. While we offer help and training resources across our suite of packages – from ExAM to ExAM4Inspections – our frequently asked questions include: How do I get started on Salesforce?

Fortunately, Salesforce has made their platform user-friendly and easy to learn. Through Salesforce Trailhead, users can access a library of courses on a range of topics, organized by premade “trails,” or they can build their own custom trail. Even though we encourage our customers to build their knowledge of Salesforce over time, we have also created a trail mix for beginners, with a focus on how our platforms intersect:

ExAM Customer Trail Mix 101

This trail mix is a primer for using accounts and contacts, managing users, and overseeing reports and dashboards.

Accounts and Contacts for Lightning Experience

Accounts & Contacts

Not only do accounts and contacts underpin Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, they are critical to many of our inspections customers. Typically, they use the “account object” as the focal point of their programs and “account hierarchies” as a vital element in their inspection process.

For example, “accounts” can be used to represent the properties buildings units that are part of a complex property inspection, making the information easy to work with and conceptually clear. Contacts are the peoplewho are associated with each account. Through this unique combination, our clients can leverage Salesforce for people-centric inspections and compliance programs.

To see more examples of how our customers have used account hierarchies, read our post: Leveraging Salesforce Account Hierarchies to Support Inspections in ExAM.

User Management

User Management

As a new Salesforce and ExAM customer, you will need to understand basic user management tasks, like creating and editing users, resetting passwords, granting permissions, and configuring access to data. This trail mix explains how you can add users to your Salesforce org.

But first, you need to know what constitutes a user. Essentially, a user is anyone who logs in to Salesforce and needs access to your organization’s records (e.g., employees).

Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience

Reports & Dashboards

ExAM has helped transform data collection for Federal, State, Local and private sector organizations and of course that data often needs to be turned into reports and dashboards in order to support decision making. Amplifying our efforts, Salesforce offers a user-friendly and highly configurable set of resources to create dashboards and reports.

Bearing that in mind, this module helps new users to:

Visualize data, and

Create and format reports

In conclusion in under two hours, you can become highly adept at building reports or customizing those that are provided with your ExAM implementation.

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