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ExAM Achieve

ExAM Achieve: a Flexible LMS Experience for your Organization

Remember your first day of work? Most likely, you had to undergo some training before you could begin contributing value to your team and company. While each company has its own onboarding process, many elect to organize lessons about their policies and products in learning management systems, or LMS.

ExAM Achieve, ExAM’s learning management system, helps you create engaging training programs with gamification elements.

ExAM Achieve offers three levels of highly customizable content to create lessons that accommodate different adult learning styles:


Catalogs focus on a broader topic and contain several learning units.


Units are bite-sized learning experiences presented as study guides, quizzes, or a combination of information and assessment questions. Each unit contains a highly flexible Assessment Template with over 30 question type options.


Badges reward the user for completing a unit or an entire catalog. While badges are not required, adding them is a fun way to engage with users and celebrate their accomplishments!

What are some possible use cases for ExAM Achieve?

While ExAM Achieve’s flexibility lends itself to any learning or training endeavor, here are a few sample use cases:

  • Teaching field inspectors to use the ExAM Mobile app to complete safety inspections
  • Providing company or department onboarding training to new employees
  • Certifying users’ understanding of your application or system
  • Onboarding new members to a long-term contract project

How do I get started with ExAM Achieve?

Email us at info@exam4inspections.com or call 800-215-1450 to connect with a member of our sales team. We look forward to working with you!

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