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Salesforce Trailmix for City and Local Governments Adopting ExAM

MB&A partners with large US government agencies like the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and the Department of Agriculture to streamline processes that provide public housing in communities, monitor food safety, and support veterans and their families. Increasingly, local and city governments are also adopting cloud technologies to better serve their residents.

While digitally transforming city and local government services is no small feat, SaaS platforms like Salesforce allow admins to create customized apps and portals using low-code or even no-code technologies.

Here are just some of the ways that ExAM and Salesforce can help city and local governments digitize their processes:

  • Streamline routine services like licensing, permits, and local tax collection
  • Build accessible customer portals to engage with local residents
  • Maintain physical security and standards – vital for all levels of government
  • Create and send customized documents and reports
  • Transform the government employee experience and expedite administrative timelines
  • Generate customized data collection and learning experiences for employees and residents
  • Manage facilities and assets

How can I learn more?

The best way to learn how Salesforce can help your government organization is to complete some basic Trailhead modules. Trailhead is Salesforce’s free learning resource that teaches users everything from creating customized fields to building complex lightning apps. Since Trailhead is free to use, it’s a great way to get accustomed to Salesforce best practices and capabilities before adopting Salesforce for your organization.

Trailmix for City and Local Governments

We’ve put together a tailored Trailmix (a learning path made up of Trailheads) to help you understand the power of adopting Salesforce for city and local governments. This Trailmix focuses on creating customer portals, automating approval processes, and ensuring data security and validity within your database.

This Trailmix is just a sampling of what Salesforce and ExAM can do for your organization! When you are ready to learn more about a customized solution for your organization, send our Sales Team a message or give us a call at (800) 215-1450.

Access the Trailmix here.


What is in the Trailmix?

Build Customer Portals

Module: Personalize Experience Cloud Sites With Audience Targeting

This Trailhead module teaches you how to create a customer account portal using the Digital Experience functionality in Salesforce. In this module, you will learn how to create dynamic homepages based on audience criteria. 

City and local governments have started managing websites that allow residents to review important announcements, apply for licenses and permits, send feedback, and ask questions. Digital Experiences make it super easy to create your own internal and public-facing portals using a no-code drag-and-drop editor!

More modules about portal creation:

Module: Create a Self-Registration Flow for an Experience Cloud Site

Learn how to create a Self-Registration flow so your users can register themselves for your portal. This module walks you through creating a self-registration flow from start to finish.

Module: Self-Registration in a Portal

Add the self-registration flow you created in the previous module to your customer portal.

Data Collection and Licensing

Module: Licensing, Permitting, and Inspections with Public Sector Solutions

This module offers a solid overview of how Salesforce handles applicant portals and approval processes through the use of forms, dashboards, notifications, and flows. It also provides an explanation of compliance functionalities for creating, conducting, and evaluating inspections. 

ExAM4Inspections is built on top of Salesforce to resolve the challenges that inspectors face and digitize the entire inspection process. Inspectors in large government organizations are currently using the ExAM Mobile App to complete housing inspections, laboratory food safety audits, and safety assessments. ExAM is highly customizable and easily adaptable to meet the unique needs of city and local governments.For more information about how our partner organizations are using ExAM4Inspections, check out our Case Studies.

More modules about application approvals:

Module: Approval Process for Public Sector Solutions

Set up approval workflows, paths, and queues to automate your approval process.


Module: Data Security

As governments move to web and cloud-based services, cyber security and data protection become paramount. The Data Security Trailhead module gives users the tools they need to control access to objects, fields, and records within an organization.

More modules about security:

Module: Cybersecurity Threats and Threat Actors

Learn about different types of cyber threats facing companies and address them within your organization.

Module: Network Security Basics

Learn about fundamental network security principles and protect your organization against common threats.

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