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Millsapps, Ballinger & Associates (MB&A) Unveils New Company Mission and Vision.

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2023 — Millsapps, Ballinger and Associates (MB&A), a leading technology company serving private and public organizations, is proud to announce its new company mission, vision, values, and logo story. These updates reflect MB&A’s commitment to connecting customers’ missions to meaningful outcomes through technology and transforming operational processes by empowering organizations with the power of data.

MB&A’s new mission, “Connecting our customers’ mission to meaningful outcomes through technology,” exemplifies the company’s dedication to delivering tangible results that align with customers’ goals. By leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions, MB&A strives to enable public sector and commercial enterprises to unlock the potential of their complex data collections at scale, revolutionizing their operational processes.

At MB&A, our core values are more than just words—they guide our actions and hold us accountable for driving successful outcomes for our customers. We are Problem Solvers, driven by a bias for action and a commitment to addressing challenges promptly. We are Learners, constantly seeking opportunities to improve our skills and expertise. Transparency is at the heart of our operations—we are Transparent in our communications and decision-making processes, ensuring clarity and consistency of purpose. Empathy is a key value, recognizing the unique perspectives of others and leveraging diverse backgrounds to achieve common mission-oriented goals. We foster a Team-Oriented culture, where successes are celebrated, mistakes are learned from, and we collectively grow stronger. We are Outcome-Driven, understanding that our success is tied to our customer’s success. Finally, we are relentless Relationship Builders, nurturing long-lasting connections that encourage idea-sharing and continuous learning.

Joshua Millapps

“We are thrilled to unveil our official company mission!” said Joshua Millsapps, Co-founder and CEO of MB&A. “These updates embody our unwavering commitment to driving meaningful outcomes for our customers and our dedication to fostering a culture that values transparency, collaboration, and continuous learning. We are humbled to be considered a trusted partner in change to our public and private sector customers. We are excited to continue empowering organizations with the transformative power of Salesforce.”

In conjunction with these updates, MB&A is excited to share its logo story. The logo consists of two key elements: the navy blue type “MB&A” in bold italic Helvetica font, and vibrant red and navy blue arrows encompassing it on a white field. The forward-leaning ampersand in the typography represents MB&A’s innovative nature, while the arrows represent airplane contrails of a dogfight between red and blue teams, symbolizing our commitment to be your partner in change. The contrasting colors of the arrows represent the vibrant energy we bring to our work. This design reflects our dedication to supporting organizations in their growth and development, leveraging technology to establish “basic flight maneuvers” and achieve outcomes for their missions. This portion of our logo is in homage to our founder, Erik Ballinger, who was previously an F-18 pilot in the US Navy. The infinity created by the arrows also represents the iterative nature of our business and our commitment to supporting our customers today and in the future.

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