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About Us

Millsapps, Ballinger & Associates (MB&A) was founded in 2011 to build products that help organizations gather, manage and assess organizational data in order to drive meaningful outcomes. 

When our founders met in an MBA program Joshua Millsapps had spent years consulting to large organizations in the development of portfolio management tools and knowledge repositories; and Erik Ballinger had spent years in senior leadership positions inside large organizations that too often confused reorganization or hiring consultants for meaningful change.

After meeting in an MBA program the two came to the conclusion that they shared a very clear view of how a company should be run. This includes supporting the development of leadership internally, maintaining high ethical standards and developing the type of esprit de corps that enables an organization to achieve amazing outcomes. They also shared the belief that the world didn’t need more or even better consultants, it needed actual solutions.  

MB&A was founded to to build the products our founders wished they’d had as consultants and customers. Our company was shaped by the belief that when everyone in a company is aligned that you can deliver better outcomes. While the company has grown a great deal since our founding we have stayed true to our beliefs and our core mission. We deliver outcomes. 

Join Our Team

We aren’t your everyday company and we aren’t looking for average employees. We want rockstars and we treat our our employees like the rockstars they are…Know Salesforce inside and out and want to be a part of a team implementing and building products on the Salesforce AppExchange? Check us out. 

Our Customers

You are known by the company you keep. In the case of MB&A our customers have included some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world, but we aren’t just for the big boys. One of the things that got us into Salesforce in the first place was the desire to make our technology available to smaller organizations, schools and non-profits.


MB&A is focused on delivering world class products and services that help customers gather data, evaluate that data and use it to support business processes in Salesforce. We love to help our customers make better decisions by helping them identify the thin layer of information that really makes a difference and ensuring that data is available, of high quality and ready for analysis and evaluation.

"We were very lucky to work with the ExAM team to develop a personalized, tailored application for our program. The team was fantastic to work with – they truly listened to our needs, co-designed with us and our users, and were very attentive to completing tasks quickly and ahead of schedule. I give my highest recommendations working with the ExAM team!"

– Andrea Ippolito
VA Innovators Network Lead, VA Center for Innovation

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