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Maintaining Compliance in Healthcare with ExAM4Inspections How software can aid frontline healthcare workers and support staff in providing a 5-Star environment for patients.
Inspections, corrective actions, reporting and trending compliance data"
- Short presentation of product/industry fit & use cases
- Overview of what the demonstration will entail (Products Included)
- Demonstration of the inspection lifecycle (Different Types of Compliance)
- Demonstration of deficiency tracking, corrective actions & closeouts
- Demonstration of templated reports & dashboards to track & trend compliance efforts (What the data means)"
11/4/20211:00pm EDT1 hour
Maintaining Complex Facilities with the ExAM Product Suite Understanding the Facilities Management Big Picture
How the ExAM Product Suite Supports end to end facilities management
Work orders Key Features
Asset Management Key Features
Inspections & Compliance Key Features
Remote Video Inspections Key Features
Field Services Key Features
Analysis & Reporting Key Features"
12/2/20211:00pm EST1 hour
Creating Complex Reports & Document Generation Why Document Generation is important
Introduction to the ExAM Command Console
Introduction to the Schema Views Concept
Walking through the Document Creation Workflow
Previewing Documents
Making Documents available to Users
1/6/20221:00pm EST1 hour

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